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Realistic Bengal Leopard Cat — Paul

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Product Parameters
Sharp Weapon: Sharp Weapon(N)
Electrified: Electrified(N)
Product detail
  • This pet is 100% handmade
  • Leather hair, deep processing, a wide variety, smooth shape, dynamic and vivid, lifelike, soft and comfortable. Strong resistance to destruction, not easy to break. The hair of the skin has the characteristics of very easy to remove dust, and can be kept clean for a long time.
  • The manufacturer has exquisite craftsmanship, pursues perfection, and strives to make the finished product realistic and high-quality
  • The average production time is usually 5-15 days, please be patient
  • Can provide customized pets you like (the store will focus on the different needs of each customer)
  • 80,00+ satisfied customers
  • The mold is made of plastic, filled with soft materials such as sponge and cotton, and the outside is pasted with professionally processed artificial fur. No peculiar smell, no discoloration, can be stored for many years.
  • All products are autoclaved


[Technical traces]: Since it is a purely handmade product, there may be some defects in the product details, please understand
[Reminder]: The product display pictures were taken under professional lighting. There may be slight color difference between the displayed image and the actual product. All product colors are subject to actual products.